Stone and Metal Sculpture

The sculpture studio provides the space and tools for welding, forging, stone carving, and mold making. 

For questions about Pratt’s Sculpture Studio, please download the our FAQ Sheet or contact Eve Sanford at

Studio User Guide
Frequently Asked Questions

Our Sculpture Studios Offer:

The Fabrication Shop

  • 4 TIG welders
  • 6 MIG welders
  • 10 oxy-acetylene welding rigs
  • 2 plasma cutters
  • 50” hydraulic shear (16ga capacity mild steel)
  • large finger bending-break
  • large power roller
  • pneumatic roller
  • pin bender
  • 20” disc sander
  • 2” x 72” belt sander
  • 3 drill presses
  • 3 horizontal band saws
  • Delta 20” vertical band saw
  • 2 grinding/sharpening stations
  • abrasive chop saw
  • Complete bronze foundry (up to 300 lbs of bronze) available for use via custom class
  • Over-head hoist system
  • Auto-darkening welding helmets
  • Large workstations with vises
  • mini-mill and mini-lathe
  • large assortment of power and hand tools.
  • Rolling welding screens
  • Compressed air available throughout the space.

The Forging Shop

  • large natural gas trench forge
  • 2 natural gas tube forges
  • 8 anvils
  • 50lb Little Giant power hammer
  • hydraulic press
  • 4 blacksmith vises
  • wide assortment of hammers, jigs and other hand tools
  • 2 quench buckets
  • compressed air available throughout the space

Moldmaking Room

  • sink
  • worktables
  • wax pots
  • adjustable mold boxes and clamps

The Stonecarving Area

  • large covered outdoor work area
  • integrated air and water available throughout the space for pneumatic carving tools
  • wide assortment of hand and power tools
  • 10 heavy duty carving stations
  • storage for stone and projects in progress


  • one siphon blaster and one pressure pot sandblaster with 100g aluminum oxide

Bronze Casting Program

  • 30 lb. bronze melter, burnout kiln and access to a mold-making room
  • we also have a 300 lb. bronze furnace available for custom classes.
Metal Fabrication Studio: $40/day or $235/month
Forging Studio: $30/day or $195/month
NEW! Metal Fabrication and Forging Studios Combo: $50/day or $335/month
Stone Yard: $30/day or  $195/month
Woodworking Studio: $50/day or $290/month
Bronze Casting: Information upon request
Sandblasters: $30/hour (1/2 hour minimum)