Studio Access Program

Update on Studio Access (as of May 10, 2021)

Reservations are now open for limited occupancy studio access beginning Monday May 24th.

Due to COVID limitations, we are only accepting reservations from previously approved users with valid memberships. We hope to begin approving new users later this year.

In accordance with Safe Start guidance for Washington State, new policies and procedures will be in effect for all users. Please familiarize yourself with the required protocols below and studio-specific protocols.

Click on the studio links below or in the main menu above to find the reservation calendars for each studio.

Studio Protocols 

Glass Studios
Jewelry / Metals Studios
Printmaking Studios
Metal & Stone Studios
Wood Studios

Safe Start Studio Access Program  

Together we can protect the health of all users and prevent the spread of COVID-19. The following Safe Start limitations comply with Washington State’s Safe Start guidelines and will be applied in conjunction with Pratt’s Safe Start COVID-19 Exposure Mitigation & Response Policy. Preexisting Studio User Guides, which dictate the proper use of facilities and equipment, will remain in effect as well.  

We will be counting on all users to follow all guidelines without exception. Failure to comply would result in immediate suspension of access privileges.  

Effective Date 

  • May 24, 2021 

  • Restrictions will apply until further notice 

Campus hours 

  • Monday thru Sunday 9am-6pm



  • Reservations are required for all studio access (available beginning May 10th)

  • Reserve time slots online and pay in advance at Pratt’s website 

  • Report directly to the studio at reserved time 

  • Monthly passes are temporarily suspended; pay-per-use until further notice 


  • Stay home if symptomatic or if you believe you may have been exposed to COVID-19* 

  • Compliance with current Mask & Vaccination Policy

  • Maintain six-foot distancing at all times 

  • Wash and/or disinfect hands frequently 

  • Follow new circulation requirements such as marked one-person zones and one-way paths 

  • Conduct and pass a self-check health screening upon arrival

  • Follow studio-specific safety policies and protocols during use 

Tools & Equipment 

  • In some cases, users may be asked to provide your own personal tools  

  • All users will be required to follow the clean-up and disinfecting procedures for each studio 

  • See Safe Start Studio Access guide for details about the studio you wish to use (available beginning May 3rd)

On-Site COVID Coordinators 

  • A designated COVID Coordinator will be on-site to ensure that Safe Start procedures are effective and strictly adhered to by all users.  

Incident Reporting 

  • If a user has either been infected, exposed or potentially exposed, and was present at Pratt within 48 hours, please notify a COVID Coordinator by calling 206-328-2200. 

  • To report an infraction or vulnerability while present at Pratt, ask to speak with a COVID Coordinator at Pratt’s main reception desk or call 206-328-2200.  

Cancellation Policy 

  • Refunds will be issued, minus a 10% cancellation fee, for reservations cancelled with more than 48 hours notice. No refunds will be issued for no-shows or cancellations with less than 48 hours notice.  

  • *In order to encourage sick, exposed or infected individuals to stay home, cancellation fees will be waived for reservations that are cancelled due to these reasons, though a minimum 72-hour waiting period will apply for future reservations, as determined by Pratt’s Recovery & Return criteria (see Safe Start COVID-19 Exposure Mitigation & Response Policy). 

Food & Drink 

  • Beverages may be consumed only within designated work zones when social distancing is maintained. In these instances masks may be temporarily removed and immediately replaced.  

  • Consumption of food or meals is temporarily prohibited on the premises, unless required for medical reasons (in which case, social distancing is required) 


  • All restrooms are single-occupancy until further notice. Occupied notices will be available on the doors to the restrooms in the Main Building – flip the sign to “Occupied” when entering and back to “Available” when exiting. Masks should be worn at all times.  

Safe Start Studio Access  

Pricing, Occupancy & Time Slots 


Time Slots for Reservation 

Max # of Users 

Fee Per User 


Cold Shop (coldworking) 



















Flameworking (glass) 











  6:00-10:00 3 $17.50  

Fusing (glass) 



 (includes kiln rental) 

Hot Shop (glassblowing) 



   (1 team per slot) 




   (1 team per slot) 

  6:00-9:45 1 $200 (1 team per slot)

Jewelry & Metalsmithing 




  6:00-10:00 3 $17.50  





  6:00-10:00 4 $17.50  


1/2 hour min 


      (hourly rate) 

Stone Yard (carving) 




  6:00-10:00 3 $17.50  





  6:00-10:00 2 $27.50  





  6:00-10:00 3 $27.50