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Featured Artworks: Viridis by Cas Alexander & Tamara Clammer, Feather by Dan Friday, Geometric Motion by Chris Abrass.


This year, for the first time in 38 consecutive years of having the Pratt Fine Art Auction, we cancelled our event in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. In order to bring some much needed support to Pratt and the generous artists that donated their artwork we have decided to host an Online Art Sale from Friday, May 22nd - Friday, June 12th.
This crisis has affected our community with varying degrees of severity, but we know that our beloved artists have been some of the hardest hit. So in order to support our community of artists, we’ve given them each the choice of receiving 50% commission of the sold value of their piece. 


You’ll have access to a website that displays the artwork and their prices.
 CLICK HERE to view the artwork, and select ‘Start Bidding’ to create an account.
This will be a ‘Buy It Now’ only sale, no bidding will take place. This will provide the most support for our artists and keep the process simple for you.
We are using the software Greater Giving to host our online art sale. It’s the same software we use to process at our in-person auction, so it’s well trusted with Pratt.
You must enter your credit card to register; however, you will not be charged unless you purchase a piece of art during the sale.
Follow this link for a helpful video for registering with Greater Giving.


There are two ways of getting the art that you purchased in the online sale;
pickup and delivery.

If you’d like to pick up your work, we’ll reach out to you after the sale ends with a couple different options for pickup days and times in which you can come to pick up your art safely.
For a fee, Pratt is also offering delivery of your new artwork straight to your door!
If you’d like us to deliver your artwork, please make sure to select and purchase the item called ‘Delivery’ (it will show up on the sale website just like any other piece of artwork). We are offering delivery within a 25 mile radius of Pratt for a flat rate of $25 (per household, regardless if you’ve purchased one piece or several).
If you have any questions about Pratt’s Online Art Sale,
please contact Natalie Miller:

Support Pratt’s Creative Resilience Campaign