Art is a Cabin Fever Antidote!

Art can help youth and teens create meaningful connections during Seattle's famously wet and cold winter months. Early November is usually when cabin fever hits. And when it hits the NW, it hits HARD! As crisp red and orange  fall days turn wet and soggy, we cocoon. Finding more opportunities to engage young minds creatively becomes increasingly important for parents and caregivers alike. Arts participation offers an engaging alternative to isolation, video games and Netflix, with added benefits that can last a lifetime!  

According to EdNote, arts education provides an impactful outlet for students to process their emotions, cultivate healthy relationships, expand their perception of self and connection to their communities, and helps them build decision-making skills. All in all, the role of arts education in a young person’s life contributes to their holistic development in truly meaningful ways.  

This May 2, 2023 New York Times article by Ginanne Brownell recounts how arts education was instrumental in Awuor Onguru’s journey to Yale University. 

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