Pratt Announces Scholarship and Awards Recipients

Pratt Fine Arts Center welcomes 17 artists who join its creative community through the largest scholarship opportunity ever offered, with $49,700 in total funding.

Reinforcing the organization’s mission of arts education access for everyone, this year’s scholarships invite artists working in glass; jewelry/metals; painting/drawing/printmaking/mixed media; and wood/stone/metal sculpture to continue their artistic careers at Pratt, supported by class fees, studio access, and a stipend for material expenses.

“We are grateful to work alongside our funders, jurors, and partners to support artists as they work towards their goals,” said Natalia Torres, Director of Education and Programs at Pratt. “Our scholarship and award programs create opportunity and connection for artists of all backgrounds, and honor the legacy of Edwin T. Pratt, champion of equitable housing and education for all Seattle residents”.

Special thanks to the community members who served as jurors for this year's scholarship cycle: LeLeita McKill, Scott Méxcal, Eileen Jimenez, Elizabeth Belz, Lisa Geertsen, Leslie Tharp, Diane Davis, Tatiana Garmendia, Linda Pawson, Lynn Rosskamp, Victoria Melendez, and Madeline Smith.

These Pratt Fine Arts Center scholarships are made possible by generous donors and supporters of art education including the Seattle Print Arts, Society of Inclusive Blacksmiths, friends and family of Lillian Yeh, Mary & Gary Molyneaux, The Jon and Mary Shirley Foundation, and anonymous donors. Pratt's Artist-in-Residence program is supported by the National Endowment of the Arts.

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