On View Through Saturday, 9/25 at METHOD Gallery: Pratt Glass Studio Manager, Fumi Amano's, "Where are you from?" Art Installation

​Japanese artist Fumi Amano’s installation celebrates the power of female fertility, while also raising questions on body autonomy and equality. 



"I created a giant uterus shaped sculpture made out of metal structures and ropes. The visitors are able to enter the sculpture and experience the ‘rebirth’ of themselves from the giant uterus. The goal of this piece is to allow people to re-think their appreciation for their mothers and all women through the interaction with the art. 
After participating in the Women’s March in Washington DC in 2017, I have been interested in the subject of feminism. During the march, I witnessed many signs and placards with drawings of uteruses on them. The uterus is a well-known symbol for women, as it is the source of all life, conception, and birth. But in the context of the Women’s March, the uterus exemplified how many women still do not occupy the same place as men in society—they are not treated as well as men, and their bodies are still being controlled by the decisions of men.
By interacting with my art, I hope people can better understand the ways in which women’s bodies are impacted by outside forces and rethink their own participation in the patriarchy. This piece will serve as a visual metaphor for the receptiveness and vulnerability of women. This piece will exemplify that the uterus should be treated as a sacred object, rather than a disposable one." (via Fumi Amano)

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