Collective Health & Safety at Pratt Fine Arts Center: Safe Studio Practices & Virus Prevention Resources

First and foremost, if you feel sick, please stay home. This includes staying at home if you are feeling particularly susceptible or if you're experiencing any symptoms including, but not limited to, the following: cough, fever, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing. We’ve adjusted our refund policy to make sure you can get the full Pratt experience when you’re ready. See below for details.
Additionally, we ask that Pratt participants use preventative best practices: regular & thorough hand washing, covering cough & sneezes and refraining from touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Signage reminding users of these practices has been posted in all buildings. See King County Public Health for more resources.

Ways We Can Work Together to Maintain Safe Spaces:
· We will maintain well-stocked soap dispensers in all of our restrooms and we are having new hand sanitizing stations installed in all of our buildings. We’re counting on you to use them regularly.
· We are encouraging those who are able to bring their own gloves and safety glasses when required. Alternatively, and/or additionally, a safety glasses cleaning station is available in the fabrication studio.
· Staff will continue to clean everything regularly and we ask that all participants assist in this effort. Antibacterial wipes are on their way to studios for general use in wiping down surfaces, tools, and equipment after each use.
· We will be incorporating a disinfecting procedure in all classes – as part of the cleanup process at the end of each class, students and instructors will be asked to wipe down everything they used. Independent studio users are asked to do the same.
Additional supplies for all of these efforts are on their way!
Together, we can ensure that Pratt’s studios remain safe havens for creative expression and the joys of art-making. Thank you for your care and cooperation!

Adjusted Refund Policy:
If a Pratt student can’t attend a class due to illness or vulnerability, the following options are available to them:
If the course has not started yet:
· Pratt will waive the 10-day rule and allow 90% refunds right up to the class start date as 10% of tuition is considered a non-refundable deposit
· Pratt will offer a 100% credit towards a future class
If the course has already started & the student will no longer attend:
· Pratt will pro-rate and refund them for the remaining class sessions (i.e. class fee divided by total number of sessions)
Additional Resources:
Thank you for reviewing our preventive protocols and related information at Pratt Fine Arts Center! Check out the resources (below) for other ways to stay healthy & informed: