Brandon Bowman

Brandon Bowman (Category: WOOD | STONE | METAL, Teen)


I began my metal working career in 2003, training under the blacksmiths Patrick Maher and Scott Szloch at the 3600 building in SODO. They  both had distinctive styles that shaped my work and outlook on life. Blacksmithing requires tenacity and an understanding of the subtle behaviors of metal.

It is like shaping molten clay. Fabrication work (welding, machining, etc) requires patience and surgical precision to really make the final product come together cleanly as a whole. I design a lot of assemblies with gears and linkages for my work in machine shops and building 3D printers.

I try to integrate all of these aspects in my work with a focus on the viewer’s experience. My work is interactive, it is meant to be picked up, held, played with, and often shared with others.