Diana Friend

Diana Friend (Category: WOOD | STONE | METAL)

Woodturning Instructor

Diana was born and raised in California and now moves between Seattle and Stuart Island, WA. She spent a number of years playing and teaching French Horn professionally; followed by learning cabinetry and furniture making. She now turns full time using a solar-powered Stubby and a Robust ‘American Beauty’. She goes about turning with hopes to let the wood speak for itself. Her ten years at the lathe has been spent making bowls and platters that highlight each piece of wood’s natural qualities; be it the bark, cracks, voids or grain. Her work has been shown at the Kirsten Gallery, Northwest Fine Furniture Gallery, Bellevue Art Museum and the Shack Arts Center. This year she will be  presenting her work at the American Craft Council Shows in Baltimore and San Francisco.

IG: What_the_Wood_Wants