Studio Access for Glass Studios

From glassblowing and flameworking to sandblasting, coldworking, and kiln working, Pratt's Glass Studios are fully-equipped to meet the needs of students or artists at any level of experience.

Preexisting Studio User Guides, which dictate the proper use of facilities and equipment, remain in effect as well. 

Failure to comply will result in immediate suspension of access privileges.

For more information on Pratt’s Glass Studios, please contact Fumi Amano at


Hot and Cold Shop Studio User Guide
Flame Shop Studio User Guide
Kiln Shop Studio User Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Become a Studio Access User


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The Hot Shop: Available for both blowing and casting glass.

  • 1000 lb. Spiral Arts Furnace
  • 3 glory holes of 12″, 18″ and 21″ diameter appropriate for any size work
  • annealing included with access, access options for more space and/or longer cycles
  • full array of hand tools, pipes, garage, powder booth, hot plate, oxygen/propane torches

The Cold Shop – The only rentable cold shop in Seattle!

  • belt sander
  • 80 grit flat wheel
  • 220 grit flat wheel
  • diamond pad flat wheel
  • drill press
  • Spatzier engraving lathe with sintered and electro-plated wheel sets
  • polishing lathe for pumice and cerium
  • 7” and  14”diamond saws
  • flex shaft
  • hand lapping supplies


  • Two pressure pot sandblasters with 100g and 150g aluminum oxide

The Flameworking Studio

Pratt’s studio is fully equipped to meet the needs of flameworking artists at any level.
  • 11 work stations
  • Large selection of Red Max, Nortel Major and Minor torches on liquid oxygen
  • 2 bead kilns, 3 medium annealing kilns, and 2 large annealing kilns
  • full array of hand tools
  • ventilation

The Fusing Studio

  • 5 fusing ovens on GB5 controller
  • ample workspace with light tables, hand tools, slumping molds and kiln furniture
  • Rayzist kit, wet diamond edge grinder
  • new kiln for kiln casting

Kiln Sizes:

  • kiln #1, 48” wide x 24” deep x 12” high
  • kiln #2, 33” wide x 22” deep x 7” high
  • kiln #3, 28” round x 9” high
  • kiln #4, 24” round x 9” high
  • kiln #5, 46” wide x 24” deep x 8” high
  • casting kiln, 32” wide x 27” deep x 54” high

Mold Making Room

  • Ventilation available

Glass Studio Access Payment Addendum 
Item Time Price Monthly Rate
Hot Glass Access #
single glory hole
Per 4 hour time slot $200, $225, $235 (2 teams per session; 3 people per team) N/A
Flameworking Per 4 hour time slot  $15 $165
Fusing Studio Per time slot $35 (includes kiln rental) N/A
Cold Shop 1/2 hour (minimum) $30 (hourly rate) N/A
Mold Making Room Per time slot $15 N/A
Sandblaster 1/2 hour (minimum) $30 (hourly rate)  
Blow Slot Cancellation Fee < 72 hours*   50%  
*If you cancel fewer than 72 hours before scheduled blow slot, you'll be charged a 50% cancellation fee. If you do not cancel your blow slot at least one hour before it starts, you'll be charged for the entire cost of the blow slot.

For more information on becoming an Accessed Artist in Pratt’s Glass Studios, please download the GLASS Studio Access Program FAQs (PDF).