Sarah Loertscher

Sarah Loertscher (Category: Jewelry | Metals)

Steel Jewelry

Sarah Loertscher is a studio jeweler based in the Hudson Valley of New York State, a recent transplant from Seattle, WA. Citing crystal structures and the minimal landscapes of her Midwestern upbringing as influences, her geometric jewels are meticulously crafted from stainless steel, sterling silver, and 18k gold. See Sarah's work here
Artist Statement:
My work reflects both the landscape I grew up in and my interest in the underlying structure of natural objects. Growing up in Indiana, with its expansive skies and industrial structures, nurtured my appreciation for clean, minimal forms. The Midwest’s vast fields and skies served as a visual canvas to power lines, granaries, and silos- structures wrought from pure function. These immense objects impressed upon me the feeling that structure itself is beauty, and the bare bones of a form are the often the beautiful parts.

My work is an exploration of these structural forms - building up a single line or shape into a dense mass, or distilling forms into their skeletal supports. All of my work revolves around crystalline growth: I am fascinated with the way that something made purely of hard edges and angles can grow as organically as a flower. I mimic crystalline formations in my jewelry, constructing simple forms into hard-edged structures.