Scholarships and Awards 

We are pleased to announce the 2018-19 Scholarship and Award Winners! Congratulations to all. 

The Bernie Funk Artist Explorations Scholarship - George Rodriquez
This scholarship is awarded on an annual basis for an adult who identifies as an artist working in two-dimensional or three-dimensional media, excluding glass. The scholarship will include classes in the metal, wood, stone, drawing, painting, or printmaking studios, a membership to Pratt, studio access, a supply stipend, and include professional development opportunities. Click here for details

George Rodriquez was born and raised in the border city of El Paso, Texas. He creates humorous decorative ceramic sculpture dealing with identity and community. He has shown extensively throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond and his work can be found in the permanent collection of the National Mexican Museum of Art in Chicago. He is based in Seattle and represented by Foster/White Gallery.

George Rodriguez, El Chapulin, ceramic with glaze, 2018 

ArtBridge Fellowship - Juliana Kang Robinson
In partnership with Chihuly Garden and Glass and METHOD Gallery, the ArtBridge Fellowship fosters the creation and exhibition of new work from a promising talent, and equips that artist with the tools to advance to the next level in his/her professional journey. The Fellowship culminates with a solo exhibition at METHOD Gallery. Click here for details

Juliana Kang Robinson's work was inspired by the idea for HanSan (Korean for “One Mountain”), which signifies that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Juliana’s life goal is to create visual representations of this concept that spur viewers to ponder the beautiful way in which different parts can come together to unify and elevate us beyond the self. She plans to develop her welding, woodworking and screen printing skills to create a large installation that further embodies the spirit of unity.

Juliana Kang Robinson, Han San, detail
Edwin T. Pratt Scholarship - Barry Johnson, Marilyn Montufar
The Edwin T. Pratt Scholarship aims to amplify the work of underrepresented artists of color and equip them with education and tools that will help them progress to the next level in their professional journeys. Click here for details

Barry Johnson’s work follows the beliefs of community, culture and connection. He plans to use this grant to continue working on a series of large mixed-media portraits that speak to the history of people of African descent and how their history has been cut out, blocked or reshaped to fit another sources narrative. Ultimately, his goal is to create four unique works in mediums outside of paint on canvas.

Barry Johnson, Insomnia
Marilyn Montufar’s goal is to continue utilizing photography beyond the traditional camera-and-paper dynamic, exploring options such as transferring photographs onto kiln glass and etching in printmaking. Marilyn’s photography began to evolve when she first took classes at Pratt, and this scholarship will allow her to continue this journey and develop her artistic proficiency, with a strong focus on women’s stories.

Marilyn Montufar, Young Girl at Refugee Center
Jon and Mary Shirley Scholarship in Glass - Conrad Bishop, Nao Yamamoto
Generously funded by the Jon & Mary Shirley Foundation, this scholarship is awarded to emerging artists who wish to pursue new or experimental directions in glass art. Click here for details.

Thanks to this scholarship, Conrad Bishop will thoroughly submerse himself into extensive bouts of studio work which will provide him with more materials and knowledge for applying towards future career furthering opportunities. Conrad will also continue creating work using his woodworking and frame-making interests with engraved text and imagery to create a seamless aesthetic.

Conrad Bishop, Cameo Bottles (in progress)
Nao Yamamoto will use this this scholarship to explore a new direction for her series “Vessel of Life” and “the Sun and Water” as well as her newer project “Healing Process”. This last project will evolve into an exhibition to show the process of Nao’s recovery from broken heart and the loss of a family member. Through this work, she hopes to send out a message about the power of healing and the beauty within.

Nao Yamamoto, Vessel

Professional Artist-in-Residence Program - Catherine Uehara
Supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, the Professional Artist-in-Residence Program provides established artists the opportunity to use Pratt’s specialized studios to explore new artistic endeavors during a month-long residency. The recipient will be featured in a free public lecture and exhibit work at Pratt or a partner venue. Click here for details.

Catherine Uehara’s work will explore her Okinawan and Native American indigeneity. Her plans include learning to make and use screen printing to develop her visual concepts in a more easily reproducible way, and exploring sculptural reproduction methods, such as mold making and casting in ceramics, metal and glass. She will then use what she has learned in her contribution to the upcoming yÉ™haw" exhibition at King Street Station, opening in winter of 2018.

Catherine Uehara, Displaced Art, Working with Grafitti

Pratt/Seattle Print Arts Partners Grant - Jessica Mercy
Offered in partnership with Seattle Print Arts (SPA), the Pratt/SPA Partners Grant provides opportunity for a printmaker who aims to refine skills or pursue new directions in the discipline. Click here for details.

Jessica Mercy will use the grant to finish their body of work surrounding Seattle’s Queer spaces and to create an ongoing dialogue around their preservation and importance. Jessica feels an urgency to complete this project because these spaces are disappearing as Seattle changes. This grant would provide them with the time, facilities and education they need to finish their current body of work and ultimately become a printmaking instructor.

Jessica Mercy, Tacky by Nature

Pratt/ Seattle Metals Guild Partners Grant - Nina Hartman
Offered in partnership with Seattle Metals Guild (SMG), the Pratt/SMG Partners Grant is designed to supporta metal artist who aims to refine skills or pursue new directions in the discipline. Click here for details.

Nina Hartman’s grant will be used to learn about lost wax casting, a technique she would like to gain experience with. As Nina is in the process of finding her artistic voice, she hopes the Pratt/SMG Partners Grant will help her continue on her journey as an artist and a jeweler. Having taken classes before at Pratt, Nina aims to be back in the welcoming and creative environment the organization provides.

Nina Hartman, Petrified Wood Necklace

Lillian Yeh Scholarship for Lifelong Artists - Molly Bermet
This scholarship is intended to supplement a college-level education by deepening a young person’s artistic educational experience specifically in the disciplines of painting/drawing or jewelry/metalsmithing. Generously supported by the family and friends of Lillian Yeh. Click here for details

Molly Bermet will use her grant to learn about wax casting as a way to manipulate metals. She loves collecting small objects such as pinecones, teeth or hardware pieces, and she will use the knowledge gained in a casting class at Pratt to incorporate more unusual and found objects into her work.

Metal art by Molly Bermet

Theresa Jane Teen Glass Scholarship - Isabelle Adeline Bowden
This scholarship provides glass instruction, professional mentorship and portfolio development to a High School student in her sophomore or junior year, supporting the creation of a body of work and encouraging her goal of becoming a professional glass artist. This scholarship is generously funded through the Theresa Jane Fund.  

Isabelle Adeline Bowden is a rising junior at Wilson High School student in Tacoma WA. Her hope is to improve her art skills and develop a deeper creative process as well as a well-rounded portfolio. Isabelle's goal is to further understand the many techniques of glass blowing, and to learn the skills needed for sculpture work, and using molds in glass blowing.

Ink art by Isabelle Adeline Bowden

The Pohlman-Knowles Teen Scholarship is open for applications year-round. This scholarship was founded by and named in honor of artists Jenny Pohlman and Sabrina Knowles to provide ongoing art opportunities for Seattle’s high school students, with particular emphasis on providing opportunities for high school students who would not otherwise have access to Pratt classes. They continue to support this scholarship through a donation of art to Pratt’s annual auction. Click here for details and to apply.

Thank you to all the jurors who helped select the 2018-19 scholarship and award winners! The jury members were:

Artbridge Fellowship: Paula Stoles, Paul D. McKee, Alexander Keyes, Hilary Lee
Edwin T. Pratt Scholarship: Asia Tail, Elisheba Johnson, Romson Bustillo, Olivia Beaufait, Ken Matsudaira
Jon & Mary Shirley Scholarship: Kait Rhoads, Austin Stern, Courtney Branam
Pratt/SPA Grant: Eva Isaksen, Virgina Hungate-Hawk, Christina Reed, Katie Twiss, Kerstin Graudins,
Pratt/SMG Grant: Self-selected
Lillian Yeh Scholarship: Self-selected 

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