Studio Access Program

Besides offering classes, Pratt Fine Arts Center is also a hub where independent artists, makers, hobbyists and professionals practice their craft in a community environment. We offer shared access to fully-equipped studios through our Studio Access program.

To learn about the required qualifications and other FAQs, visit the access webpage for the studio you are interested in. 

How to Become a Pratt Studio Artist:

  1. Make an Access Appointment ($25 one-time fee)
  2. Study the Studio User Manual 
  3. Pass an Access Test 
  4. Become a Member ($75 annual fee)
  5. Turn in signed Acknowledgement Form & Waiver
  6. Start using the studio! The first day is FREE! *
To schedule an Access Appointment contact 206.328.2200 x 221.

 Studio Access Rates

 Studio/Equipment Per Hourly Daily Monthly Pass
 Glassblowing (1 glory hole; 4 hour slot)
 Glassblowing (full shop; 8 hours) $700      
 Coldworking (1/2 hr minimum)  
 Sandblaster (1/2 hr minimum)   $30    
 Fusing Studio (kiln rental not included)    
 Kilns and Annealers    
 Oval Kiln      
 Mold Room    
 Metal Fabrication Studio    
 Forging Studio    
 Metal Fabrication & Forging Combo    
 Stone Yard    
Woodturning     $30 $210
 Printmaking     $30 $160

Access five days, get one free with your
Daily Access Card!
Available at our front desk.

*Applicable in any studio with a published daily rate

Steps to Access